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Office Coffee in mind

Homeland filters are meticulously crafted to our exact specifications, adhering to the rigorous NSF/ANSI standards. Tailored for the OCS, Vending, and Water Industries, these filters epitomize precision. Our mission revolves around demystifying water filtration, simplifying it for both sales personnel and consumers. Two clear objectives drive us: the delivery of clean, safe, and superb-tasting water, coupled with steadfast equipment protection. Stripping away complexities, we focus solely on delivering results, eschewing unnecessary embellishments.

Pay It Forward

We have for many years contributed to a number of charities locally and nationally. We believe firmly in “paying it forward”. Homeland Filters will enable us to make a greater impact.

Our American customers will be acknowledged for their contribution to Fisher House and Tunnel to Towers as a benefit of their Homeland Filter purchase.

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