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Our Story

Homeland Filters is the next evolution in our growth to better provide the industries that we serve and to provide a product that we oversee from design to production. We have total control of quality, supply, and inventory which translates to better service for you.

Our relationship with Omnipure Filter Company spans over 31 years of our 47 years in the water filtration business. Omnipure’s commitment to excellence and integrity has been time tested by us. Through their expertise and our in-depth knowledge of our industry Homeland Filters was born.

OCS Industry

Homeland filters represent the pinnacle of quality and adherence to standards, as they are meticulously crafted to meet OUR exact specifications and NSF/ANSI standards.

Tailored with precision, these filters are purpose-built to cater specifically to the OCS, Vending, and Water Industries, ensuring a seamless integration that optimizes water quality for various applications. By simplifying the complex landscape of water filtration, Homeland strives to demystify the process for both sales professionals and consumers alike.

The guiding principle is refreshingly straightforward: to achieve clean, safe, and superb-tasting water while safeguarding equipment integrity. Dispensing with unnecessary complexities, these filters are a testament to pure efficacy. Adding to their practicality, Homeland filters employ a clever color-coding system that enables easy identification of each filter’s intended purpose, further streamlining the filtration experience for all users.